Martin Pedraza

Personal Portfolio

Martin Pedraza's portfolio


Musician 1992 - 2000

Theory and how to play different music instruments

Different institutions and conservatories

English teacher 1999-2003

Teaching and learning techniques; Language Learning; English History and Culture, Linguistics, etc

National university for teachers

Computers technician 2001-2003

Cirquits, Windows operating systems, components of a computer, common solutions for windows based applications, removing viruses ACG, configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages

School for PC technicians

Multimedia editor 2004-2008

Convert, edit and produce different audio & video formats. Audio and video compositing.Production and post –production of multimedia.

School for PC technicians


Web Developer and integrator 2010 to present day

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, JavaScript, JQuery, Boostrap, WordPress,

Online courses of diferent entities and languages (Lynda, Coursera, etc)

Coursera Mentor January 2017

Online formation to help understand the basics of helping and guiding other students to achieve their goals.



Sites I developed and designed, or projects I am working on

sass animations

Real estate agency site from Paris

Private shuttle site

Private shuttles site

sass animations

Animations with Sass

page sample

Website sample


HTML5 CSS3 javascript bootstrap jQuery wordpress php5 mySQL adobe dreamweaver adobe photoshop adobe illustrator adobe after effects


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